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About us

Founded in 2007, Exclusive Facility Management Services is a company specialized in offering complete office cleaning services. Basing its activity on the high quality of the offered services, our company has managed to obtain, through the services provided, the unanimous appreciation of the clients with whom we have worked. By using the last generation equipment and professional cleaning products, as well as having top staff, the quality of our services always offer full satisfaction even to the most demanding customers. Apart from the excellent service quality, the defining feature of our work is the total flexibility of our service packages. Thus, the requirements and needs of each client is always the criterion for personalizing the offered services. For all our clients, Exclusive Facility Management Services is synonymous with top cleaning services, perfectly adapted to the needs of everyone and always aiming for maximum satisfaction.

Quality Certification

Since 2012, our society has decided to implement quality management systems specific to our industry and have opted for their certifications, aspiring towards excellence in the quality of our services. Thus, presently, our company has the following certifications:

ISO 9001: 2008 - Quality Management
ISO 14001: 2004 - Environmental Management
OHSAS 18001: 2008 - Health and Operational Safety Management


Given the specific of our activity and having our clients’ safety and comfort as a priority, our company is insured at a top insurance company from Romania.

The insurances are:

  • Insurance against employee accidents
  • Insurance against theft incidents
  • Goo execution insurance – mentioned on the contract

Protected Unit

To meet our clients' needs, starting with this year, we have enrolled amongst the protected units.

What is a protected unit?

Exclusive Facility Management Services, authorized as a protected unit, provides companies with over 50 employees the opportunity to transform the amounts that your company transfers to the state into the acquisition of professional cleaning services (Law no. 448/2006, art. 78, para. 3).
Under the dome of the protected unit, there are opportunities for people with disabilities such as:

  • Labor market integration
  • Community integration
  • Advice, support in identifying, accessing and maintaining employment
  • Collaboration with a protected unit presents a number of advantages including:
  • Supporting the professional development of people with disabilities and increasing their social integration;
  • Reduce costs by redirecting money paid as tax services;
  • Promoting your company's image as a company with social values ​​that supports the integration of people with disabilities in the labor market in Romania;
  • Collaboration contract with a protected unit can be assigned directly according to the public procurement law, not being an auction, but a partnership.