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Our company covers a wide range of cleaning services and is prepared with experienced staff as well as latest products to meet any challenge. Each service offered by our company contains a list of activities performed daily, weekly, monthly, or annually.

The types of services we offer are:

  • Cleaning Services

    They are specialized cleaning operations determined by maintaining cleanliness at a perfect level.

    • Cleaning windows, doors, railings, door frames, switches, light fixtures, etc.
    • Dust vacuuming, walls, sofas and armchairs vacuuming
    • Cleaning floors with special emulsions
    • Furniture and office equipment cleaning with antistatic solutions
    • Cleaning and washing the upholstery
    • Dusting blinds, shelves, window sills
    • Room freshening and ventilation
    • Exterior cleaning of the refrigerator, stove, microwave, cabinets
    • Disinfecting toilets with an antibacterial film
    • Removal of spider webs.
  • After construction cleaning services

    In order to come to your aid, we offer cleaning services in an industrial system. Thus, we clean all surfaces with technical means adapted to the latest technology.

    • Cleaning and releasing the debris resulting from construction
    • Surface cleaning of ceramic tiles, paint removal, dispersion and other materials left
    • Cleaning railings, doors, door frames, switches, light fixtures, etc.
    • Dust extraction using professional equipment
    • Automatic floor washing and removing tough paint or lime stains
    • Washing, disinfecting and deodorizing toilets and the kitchen using antibacterial solutions
    • Washing accessible windows (both sides) and sills
    • Wash tile wall in bathrooms and the kitchen
    • Cleaning roofs, garages and basements..
  • Cleaning services for industrial buildings

    We recognize the high importance of cleaning services for industrial buildings in the chain value of all technological processes in industries. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of dedicated industry services, such as:

    • Cleaning all types of buildings, including administrative areas from factories and logistics warehouses, goods depots, warehouses and various production and storage areas
    • Cleaning chimneys
    • Cleaning ovens, fireplaces, stoves, incinerators and boilers
    • Cleaning lifts and exhaust units
    • Removal of debris from windows, staircases and skylights
    • Cleaning and maintenance of the facades around the industrial buildings
  • Windows and shop windows cleaning services (with or without a climber)

    The washing of windows and shop windows are essential both for residential, as well as office buildings or commercial spaces. These may include the following activities:

    • Washing residential or commercial glass facades;
    • Washing windows on the ground or from above (with or without a climber), removing any dirt or traces of dust, rust and lime
    • Cleaning all glass or stained glass surfaces – windows, shop windows, decorative windows
    • Cleaning windows accessories (frames, window sills, fittings, door elements)
    • Cleaning screens, sills, frames, floors and roofs
    • Cleaning, maintaining and preservation of the outer parts of buildings (facades of concrete, stone, steel or aluminum).
  • Protocol Services

    To conduct business activities in a professional manner, it is necessary to ensure permanent staff during working hours to maintain cleanliness and to operatively intervene in emergency situations (including protocol). Thus, Exclusive Clean offers services such as:

    • Cleaning of the office space during the day
    • Cleaning of the office entrance (especially on rainy days)
    • Cleaning in special areas for dining
    • Cleaning toilets
    • Protocol activities in conference or meeting rooms
    • Supplying dispensers in restrooms with soap, towel rolls, etc.
    • Other required activities
  • Building administration services

    A commercial building requires professional management. We offer:

    • Management and operation services through permanent involvement in everyday activities
    • Professional cleaning services both inside the building and its associated space
    • Cleaning after construction
    • Maintenance and current repair of electrical and plumbing installation
    • Moving small furniture
    • Pest control, disinfection and disinfestation services
    • Maintenance services for any floor type
    • Planning, care and maintenance services of green spaces
    • Maintenance services for exterior and / or underground parking
    • Cleaning and maintenance services of upholstery
    • Washing / cleaning services for interior windows and facade maintenance
  • Reception and courier services

    Our specialized team can perform the following activities at a professional level:

    • Real time answering and directing correspondence and telephone calls
    • Connecting departments via telephone to ensure the optimal reception of parcels delivered by suppliers
    • Receiving invoices from suppliers, scanning and distributing them to the commercial responsibles
    • Execution of general registration
    • Information Point
    • Splitting the service or product bills into cost centers
    • Preparing documents in existing logistics applications for the envelope delivery / external courier packages
    • Providing the best traffic conditions for people in the building
  • Helpdesk services

    Effective management of your company’s resources can be achieved using the helpdesk service offered by Exclusive Clean. Thus, we can help you complete various projects, providing qualified personnel with a good knowledge of the area and high conversational skills, helping you fulfill your required goals.

  • DDD Services – Pest control, disinfection and disinfestation

    • Pest control is the service that meets the needs of beneficiaries related to the prevention and extermination of harmful rodents, carrying dangerous diseases.
    • Disinfection is a decontamination method that kill a percent of up to 99 to 99.9% the vegetative forms of microorganisms. Any space requires, besides the mechanical cleaning, a disinfection operation.
    • Disinfestation is the action of preventing or fighting arthropod vectors of pathogens or harmful microorganisms for humans and contribute to creating a hygienic human environment through the direct destruction or removal of troublesome arthropods, as well as improving agricultural activities, animal husbandry and conservation of food supplies.
  • Landscaping services

    We offer the best products and solutions for landscaping, following steps for a correct implementation of the arrangements:

    • Terrain preparation and installation of irrigation
    • Planting trees and shrubs – including planting green fences
    • Lawn planting and decorative plants
    • Arrangement of artificial relief items
    • Adding exterior furniture accessories
    • Adding natural stone decor
  • Moving services

    We offer dedicated relocation and transportation services of various goods for companies. With a trained staff and vehicles at your disposal, we can achieve equipment and furniture transport services for companies who need such services.

  • Snow removal services

    We clear access roads and buildings, using dedicated equipment and specialized personnel. This service is performed according to the intervention plan and includes clearance operations, surface treatment against frost, snow load and discharge.

    • Snow clearing (manual and mechanical) from the access roads of the buildings and parking lots
    • Preventing, combating glazed frost and ice using deicing and eco deicing materials
    • Loading, transporting and storage of snow in designated areas